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My name is Dr. Helen D. Wix, Your Freedom Doctor. I am the founder of the MLM Mastery Academy. As a modern-day Harriet Tubman, I empower entrepreneurs and spiritual entrepreneurs to build wealth from the inside out by leading them to emotional and financial freedom so that they can use their spiritual gifts to change the world!

Please don't let the name MLM Mastery Academy throw you. This is not just about building an MLM or network marketing business. MLM also stands for "My Life Mission." I am here to help you find out your purpose in life if you don't know what that is yet.

You are welcome here no matter what kind of business you would like to build because I focus primarily on the inner obstacles that may be preventing you from living the life of your dreams. I focus mainly on building wealth from the inside out, and helping you find your life purpose.

Remember the A&E TV show, "Hoarders"? Hoarders are people with a personality disorder that causes them to hoard so much stuff that they can no longer use their living space. You cannot see the living space for the clutter. Well, think of yourself as carrying invisible clutter that is covering up your true self. This EFT clearing script as well as other tools I will be sharing with you will help remove the "clutter" so that all that's left is the REAL YOU!

So, if you are an entrepreneur or a spiritual entrepreneur, before you buy another marketing or traffic program, social media training or any other business training, read the rest of this page!

If what you've been doing hasn't gotten you the income you desire, then perhaps you need to dig deeper. Have you ever heard "The outside is just a reflection of the inside?" Then, perhaps you have not gotten the financial results you want because of what's going on within you.

Since everything is energy, even ourselves, and since we live in a vibrational universe, what we get in life is determined how high our vibration is. Trauma (personal or from our ancestors) causes our vibration to be low. The lower our vibration the harder life will be. The higher our vibration the easier and more enjoyable life will be. There is now scientific research to prove we are carrying trauma from our ancestors which can be healed on the cellular level where these traumas are stored.

For us to manifest a desire, our vibration must match what we want to bring into our lives. For example, if you wanted a million dollars, that million has a certain vibration or frequency. Your vibration must match the vibration of that million dollars. Otherwise, you will never get it! The outside activities that you engage in will never be enough! You must do inner work along with the outer work. That is why people cannot accomplish their dreams.

This also explains why lottery winners end up broke. Their vibration was too low, and they couldn't hold on to that large amount of money!

I am an expert at helping people to raise their vibration so that it matches what they are trying to manifest in their lives.

Download my free "EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Clearing Script for Money Blocks" to guide you through transmuting the blocks that may be holding you back from manifesting the income you want to create for you and your family.

Inside you will learn the history of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques); get instructions on how to do EFT; learn how to use EFT with affirmations; learn EFT variations such as wording examples so this is never an issue again; and get the format of an EFT clearing money script that you can use as a template for other issues in your life.

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